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Sunday Service:
February 19, 2017
10:00-11:00 am
with Pastor Ron Scott

"Living Your Greater Destiny"

Some persons are tempted to examine their own life and wonder – ‘is this all there is.’ The Truth is each person can go beyond ordinary human living and rise to an amazing, God-directed life. Rev Ron Scott shares how anyone can bring this about.

Music by Nancy Ingles and Josh Allor along with the Spiritual Life Center Band this week.

Also, the SLC Choir will share this week: “For the Beauty of the Earth” with:
Paola Colombini, Allen Hyland, Christine Hyland,
Beth Pinterpe, Ray Santerini, Ron Scott, Alan Semonian,
Mary Jane Stockwell, Sherry Zemaitis

MARK YOUR CALENDAR:                                         
February 19:  After the Service on Sunday, February 19, Rev. Ron Scott will provide a Bible class, “God’s Seven Special Surprises.”  All are welcome.

March 12:  Following the Service on Sunday, March 12 will be an Annual Meeting of Spiritual Life Center.  In addition to the Church financial report, this is an excellent opportunity to present questions, concerns and ideas about the Church program.  

March 19: After the Service on Sunday, March 19, Dr. Lewis Smith will provide a class, “Hypnosis and Prayer for Healing.”


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        SPIRITUAL LIFE CENTER in Troy, Michigan is a Christian church
where people come together to enrich their life and make the
        world a better place.
   Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant
        and meaningful living.

        We invite active exploration of our Oneness with God.

        MAIN PURPOSE OF UNITY          

       .  Provide people a God-experience of hope, harmony
            and well being.

       .  Teach spiritual principles that assist people to live fully
            and effectively.

       .  Create a community of like-minded persons who
            support one another.

        .  Offer opportunities for people to reach out in service
            to the community.

        Pastoral care is provided by appointment and classes are offered

        regularly. Various special Teams are available including Choir,

        Prayer Team, Community Outreach Team, Theater Ministry

        Team, and Music Team.

        We encourage you to invite family and friends to join us!

         For further information


             ALL ARE WELCOME!

      Every person is welcome to join   
      the community of SPIRITUAL LIFE
 to experience the richness
      of God’s blessings.


      Affirmation for the week…     
 “I am guided and directed by the Christ radiating in me.”


The service at Spiritual Life Center is 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

Always there is uplifting music with the Spiritual Life Band.

We look forward to meeting you.

                  Join us!


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